• Information about yourself.A preview of your work examples.
  • Contact information.
The navigation for this content should be intuitive and user-friendly. Because each company is reviewing dozens or hundreds of job applications, they need to be able to find key information easily and quickly.
Developing a balance between creativity and usability is a challenging task, but the portfolios that succeed in achieving it can become an attractive interface to your business or skills. The best practice is to preview creative portfolios of others to learn how they lay out their websites, plan for the navigation, and arrange content.
The following are 20 inspirational portfolio designs of different designers, agencies, and studios that provide varying approaches to creative portfolios.

Evout Design Portfolio

Evoute is a Dutch designer and illustrator. His portfolio website reflects his creative, cartoonish style and bright colors. The design is also easy to navigate by simply scrolling through his amazing characters. Evout portfolio: http://www.iwit.nl

Hello Monday

Hello Monday is a U.S.-based design agency that has won many awards, including FWA, Awwwards, Webby, and Creative Circles. The website reflects the company’s strategy to merge joy with business for a better creative environment. Hello Monday: http://hellomonday.com

Pollen Brands

Pollen Brands is a design agency based in New York for two designers, John Natoli and Joey Rosa. The agency website reflects their message of support for the environment and social responsibility. Pollen Brands: http://pollenbrands.com

David Arazim Portfolio

David is a designer and illustrator from the Czech Republic. His website is clean and simple and focuses on his work examples, which makes it a successful one. David’s portfolio:http://www.mediocore.cz


Adncom is a French agency with a very creative website. Its website design is minimal and uses a creative navigation system. All you need to do is scroll over the sheep to preview work examples. Adncom website: http://www.adncom.fr

Krik Design

Krik is a Moscow-based design agency working with several clients in Europe, including Volkswagen, IKEA, and more. The website design is straightforward and gives direct access to work samples while the layout reflects great talent and experience. Krik Design: http://www.krikdesign.ru/

Robby Leonardi Resume

Robby is a U.S.-based designer with many talents, including graphic design, illustration, and animation. His portfolio website reflects his talent and multiple skills. Robby’s portfolio:http://www.rleonardi.com

Jesse Willmon

Jesse’s portfolio is very special and reflects great talent. The website is wireframe style, and each project is presented clearly as an outlined, hand-drawn icon. Jesse’s portfolio:http://www.jessewillmon.com

The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood is a U.K.-based design agency that has a large base of clients. Its website follows a simple and clean style. The Neighbourhood: http://www.the-neighbourhood.com

Creative Knight

Creative Knight is the personal portfolio for Marek Suchaneck, an art director, graphic designer, interactive designer, and web designer from the Cezch Republic. Creative Knight:http://www.creative-knight.com

240 Days of Design

Julien Perriere is a 22-year-old French designer, and 240 Days of Design is his portfolio website. The website design is modern yet clean and easy to navigate. Scrolling down reveals the client list, and the rest of the site links are located in a extendable menu on the left side. 240 Days of Design:http://julienperriere.com


Hayk is a 23-year-old full-time freelance designer. His portfolio website is simple and clean, which reflects his talent in visual design. Hayk’s website: http://www.hihayk.com


Pixelslave is a U.S.-based design agency that offers numerous design, development, and branding services. Its website is colorful and displays the content in a grid, making it more interesting to navigate and explore. Pixelslave’s website: http://pixelslave.com

They Call Me Barry

Barry is another French designer with a unique style. Barry’s portfolio is very simple, and work samples are arranged horizontally, where you can scroll with your mouse to reveal different examples. They Call Me Barry: http://www.theycallmebarry.com

M1 Design

M1 Design is another interactive portfolio for a German artist and painter. The website reflects this talent not only in the links but also in how the homepage is illustrated. M1 Design: http://www.m1-design.de


Weargoat is a London-based studio that provides brand consultancy and identity development. It was founded by Alexey Golev and Paul Attard in 2012. Weargoat: http://wearegoat.com


Zupadupa is web design agency based in Romania, and the idea behind its website was inspired by the movie, “The Matrix.” Visitors can either take the green or white pill to navigate through different sections of the website. Zupadupa: http://www.zupadupa.ro


Also is a web portfolio for three designers who started the agency in 2004 and provide book design and illustration services. Their website is very easy to navigate, as each of the four links are arranged in corners of the screen. Also: http://www.also-online.com


InsidePiet is the personal website for Flash developer Piet Dewinjgaert. His website provides an extraordinary interactive experience while navigating through every link. It is a portfolio merged from both visual and programming talent. InsidePiet: http://www.insidepiet.com

Elliott Kember

Elliott Kember is a British designer and developer. His unique website creatively modeled after the idea of the old snake game you can play while reading his bio. Elliott Kember:http://elliottkember.com


NILE is a Russian creative agency. I do not know Russian, but the design is talented and the format of projects displayed as icons is a unique and talented idea. NILE website: http://nile.ru