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What are your favorite design blogs and sites? There are so many design blogs now, that your top list is sure to be a bit different. Here we've collected 6 great design sites that consistently bring high-quality material to their audience. They are filled with great resources, original material, thought provoking articles, or well constructed design tutorials that keep you growing as a designer. Add these sites to your feed reader, if they aren't already in there!

I'm not sure how many people know about this blog, but I just recently found it and liked what I saw. If you are looking for good packaging design inspiration, this is the place to find it. Here you can see outstanding packaging, labels, and other printed products. You can even vote on designs you like to share your opinion on the design. The posts include large and crisp images of the products. More complex packages might also include a variety of shots.

OK, maybe this is a little shameless self promotion, but at least Outlaw Design Blog has a lot to offer in the way of graphic design. Aside from the freelance resources for graphic designers, you can also find a growing collection of Photoshop tutorials. There are also a number of print design tutorials that are currently in the works and should be surfacing soon.

This is another up and coming graphic design blog that is worth keeping an eye on. Its really just another design blog that showcase both web design as well as graphic design and some other design related news. That said, the selection of materials that is on the site at the time of this writing seem to be really useful. A nice amount of up to date roundups of things like icon sets, poster design, etc.

This is another personal blog from a smaller design firm. The nice thing about this graphic design blog is that you won't find the same old stuff here. Nope. No web roundups and major list of awesome icon sets. This blog is more devoted to the authors outlook on graphic design in day to day life.
What is nice here is that the author usually highlights some form of graphic design in a post and then shares some of his thoughts on it. It is a nice read if you are tired of the same old design blog.

I don't know what sort of graphic designer doesn't enjoy looking at creative advertisements. Its kind of like porn for designs in my opinion. Personally, I am addicted to the stuff. The Ad Goodness blog showcases some of the most creative ads to be conceptualized.
One nice feature of the blog is that they try to credit as many people as possible for the work involved. From the photographer to the creative director, they credit as many people as they can. Another great feature is that you get nice big images to look at rather than smaller ones typically found on blogs.

I'm not really sure how you would describe Cameron Moll's blog, but its one that has to make this list. I have been reading this blog for a while now and recently started following him on Twitter. Cameron's blog is the blog for his portfolio/business site. But that's not to say it is filled with self promotion and personal rants, although there is some of that too.
On this blog you can find a wide variety of topics and articles about graphic design, history, theories, and more. I would compare this blog to something like a more personal version of The New Yorker magazine. There are lots of articles where he offers his professional opinion about both web and graphic design.


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