7-Things To Do To Get Traffic After You Launch Your New Blog Or Website.

Hey! Launched your new blog? Then a warm welcome to our massive blogging world in which you have just born.Blogs are like people in this world,some get famous,some are boring,some do extra ordinary jobs and some just quit.What do you want your blog to be?Let’s get started !
Your blog is live now! What to do? Want to have readers,want to share your ideas with the world,want to get noticed,want to get famous,want to be a stand out in millions,want to make a name for yourself…or just want to have some fun! Wohoo wait a minute,your dream is over. But this dream can turn into reality ! How ? Traffic ! By bringing traffic yo your new blog by these very simple,easy and effective 8 methods.

So get ready.Follow these 11 things after have launched your new blog to get traffic and get noticed !

1.Let Search Engines Know That You Exist! Search Engine Submission:
90% of traffic comes  from search engines  like google,yahoo,bing and many others.So get index your blog in search e ngin es by submitting your blog URL in their directories.How to do that ?  It’s very simple and easy .

2.Submit Your Blog To Blog Directories:

Now,you have done the most important part by submitting you blog to search engines.Next step is to submit your blog to blog directories which is second biggest way to bring quality traffic and readers to your blog.There are many blog directories but only some are effective and play their part smartly.When submitting your blog ,take care about submitting your blog to right category ,so your blog get the quality readers who are interested in you area.

  • Mega List of websites and directories to submit your blog

3-Use Social Networking To Get Attention :

Every person uses Facebook.com ,Twitter.com like social sites to connect with friends,family and World.Use these to get readers and traffic to your blog.How? Its very easy:
  • Make Official Facebook Page About Your Blog. You can make one from here.
  • Create a Twitter account for your blog.
  • Use LinkedIn.com
  • StumbleUpon is great to list your website.
  • Create a Google plus page
There are many other websites to use through which you can promote your blog and get famous in people.

4-Get Noticed Through Articles Directories:

There are many articles directories in which you can submit your articles for free.What is the idea?
  • Write 5-10 articles.
  • Make good description of your profile which is placed under your articles.
  • Use your blog link as your signature.
  • Post it.
  • You are done.
This is a great trick and has always worked for me.

5-Get Out and Comment:

Next step is to get out of your blog’s dashboard and visit other highly traffic sites like Shoutmeloud and then what?
  • Talk with others through comments and gain knowledge.
  • Leave your blog link in your comments.
This is also a great way to succeed in bringing traffic to your blog as these blogs are highly trafficked and they also have Comments RSS through which people will reach your blog easily.

6-Participate in Forums:

Forums are also a good way to bring quality readers interested in your topic.What to do?
  • Search Forums which are related to your blog topic.
  • Sign Up !
  • Interact Others and gain knowledge !
  • Make you blog link as signature to appear below your every post.
Your signature will let people know about your blog and the what ? Guess…Readers.So ,this is very easy but takes a little time ,though you will get traffic.

7-Content Is King !

Last but not least Content ! You have done all things to bring traffic to your blog but your content is not as good as people want ,then you are wasting your time. Write good posts with good keywords with interesting titles using labels.These all things will help you a a lot.
Do let us know if you tried above tricks and how was your result with it? If you have any other tip to share for newbie blogger, do share via comment.

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