How To Stop Anyone to Copy our content For Blog And Websites

Duplication of content is one of the major issues in Blog-o-sphere. There are these copy-paste bloggers who in order to build content copy pastes whatever they find over web and can be categorized in two areas.

The newbie and less knowledgeable bloggers copy the complete article and publish it on their blog while relatively smart ones do not copy the complete article from the same source.

Rather, they do it from 2-3 different blogs copying some part of the article from each of them. However, in both cases the original content creator will suffer.

Google is against duplicate contents and all your SEO efforts may get in vain if Google decides to penalize you. The problem is that sometimes the stolen content ranks higher in search results than yours and you are helpless at that time. You can obviously file a DMCA complaint but once affected by Google algorithm, it is really hard to recover.

Frankly speaking, there is no way you can disallow the duplication of your content. However, there are some preventive measures which you can take to avoid direct copy-paste of texts and images from your Blogger blog. Like, you can disable right click on your blog so people won’t be able to copy paste your content.

In this article, I am going to tell you how to disable right click on Blogger blog to prevent copy paste of your content.

Disabling Right Click in Blogger

You can disable text and Image selection from your blog. This, to an extent, prevent copy pasting of your content. People usually select text, right click and copy it and paste it on their blog. This is how content thieves copy content from other blogs. We can’t completely stop them but we can make it harder for them. If we disable right click on our blog, we can protect our content from plagiarism. Let see, how to do that.

To prevent text selection:

Go to Blogger dashboard > Layout
Click on Add a gadget and select HTML/JavaScript gadget.
Paste the below code inside that

Save the widget and you’re done.
This process won’t allow anyone to highlight text or images on your blog and prevent copy pasting.

You can make use of these 9 Free Plagiarism Checker Tools to find the duplicate content on the web.

Final Words

It’s your responsibility to prevent duplication of your content. By following the above process, you can to some extent avoid it. However, people can still re-write your content and in that case you have to file a DMCA complaint with proper proofs. Hope this helps.

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