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Welcome to this article today we discuss about some important topic is creating graphics for your app. some time some app works brilliant but the main problem is its not looking attractive so much
so thats why  we think to create this post for specially thous who really make there app so unique.

Choosing a colour theme effectively is key to the success of a design. So how do you go about choosing the best combination of colours for your project?

Colour is a very subjective aspect of design; some people will love a particular set of colours, while others will detest the very same choice. There are, however, a set of general rules you can follow to ensure you arrive at a set of colours that works as a defined theme.

Many of the tools we’ll look at later use mathematical equations to choose colour schemes based on these general rules, so we won’t go too much into the mechanics of how to arrive at one colour from another, but instead look at how you can choose an anchor colour to base your scheme on.

Use psychology & symbolism

Different colours symbolise different emotions, such as red for danger and green for safety

There’s a lot of argument over whether colour psychology offers anything of use to designers, as often the cited examples are based on (seemingly) arbitrary decisions by artists and illustrators. Nevertheless, it’s true that there are certain associations that we tend to make as a result of different colours.

Green, for example, is typically used to suggest freshness or youth, while dark blue represents dependability and safety. Pink and light purple tend to reflect femininity, dark purple opulence and richness. If you’re keen to brush up on your psychology and symbolism to inform your colour scheme, check out Wikipedia for in-depth articles on both.

Consider your target market

Chinese New Year sees millions of red purses sold and gifted to children
If you’ve caught a certain bank’s adverts on TV, you’ll know that in the West the colour red represents passion, danger and risk. Meantime in China, red is used to represent wealth.

This well-used example of cultural differences between colour perception is useful as it reminds us to look at the characteristics of our audience when choosing a colour scheme.

Always try to consider both the audience demographics (age, sex etc) and the cultural environment.

Take cues from your source assets

Kuler allows you to upload a photo for automatic analysis and colour scheme generation

If all else fails, look at the source materials you’ve got for a given design. Often this will include a logo or some kind of pre-existing branding.

Logos and wider branding materials often answer the colour scheme question for you, providing a clear pointer as to the direction a design should take. That’s not to say that a yellow logo should lead to a yellow website and yellow brochure, though!

If you don’t have a logo to work with, look at any photographs you have identified for the project. If these have a predominant colour to them, use that as the starting point for your anchor colour.


Offering similar functionality to Kuler, but with a nice 3D visualisation of the colour wheels, and the ability to generate more than five colours in a single scheme, ColoRotate can also be integrated directly into some Creative Suite applications, and offers a nice alternative to Adobe’s own offering.

We hope that its helpful for bring your color seance out  


  1. This is a great read! I found a color site I didn't know about - Colors on the Web. The colour wheel with the 'Spin' feature is NEAT!

    I LOVE COLOUR! My father was in the paint business all my life, so, I guess I come by it naturally. I even drank it as a tot! LOL I never did that again, but, I did paint my face once.

    I recall asking him once, when I was little, what his favorite colour was. He hesitated, then, said he liked colour combinations moreso than a specific colour. I think that is the way I like colour, too.

    Thank you for this really nice article - very informative!


  2. Amazing color knowledgeable article thanks joshi


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