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The question that i frequently hear from people is “How can I attract thousands of visitors to my site each month?” Well, driving high traffic to your site is important, but what is even more important is designing a website that makes them stay.

After all, what is the use of spending all your time and money on creating a unique product, building a 100-page site, winning top rankings on search engines, and spending $5,000 in advertising but after all these is there enough number of visits to page????

In this article, you are going to learn 5 important website design tips to make your site more attractive. So not only your website will attract many visitors, but it will also motivates them to stay for a while, which is your only chance to let them know about your offers and turn them into news letter subscribers or even paying customers.

1. Your Site Should Be Fast Loading

One of the biggest problems you see on the internet is that some websites takes too much time to load. There are many sites out there that takes more than 20 seconds to load — a lifetime on the internet. People just don’t have time and patience to wait.

The best way to make your site fast-loading is to use more text and fewer graphic. Graphics and animations are “traffic killers” so don’t use them unless you really need it. If it takes more than 10 seconds for your web pages to load, chances are you’re losing as much as half of your site’s traffic!

Don’t assume all visitors have fast connections. Many people still use slow connections like 36.6 kbps or 28.8 kbps, so design your website so that it can be accessed by slow internet users also.

To make sure your website loads fast, view your site with slow connections. If it doesn’t load in 10 seconds, reduce the number and the size of graphics. Web Graphics Optimizer is a great software that helps you reduce graphic size while the quality doesn’t really change and it looks almost the same.

2. Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

People should easily and quickly find what they are looking for. Don’t make your visitors click on 10 links, scroll down each page, and click on the “back” button several times to finally find the page they are looking for.

Statistics show that we lose up to 50% of visitors each time we make them click on a link. That is why your site should not be more than five clicks away from your home page. Make your visitors enjoy surfing your site. It should be easy for visitor to find the information that they are interested in.

Also remember not everyone visit your website from the home page, especially if they find your site through search engines. So make sure each page should have a title so that they always know where they are and a link to the most important pages of your website (e.g. home page, order page,contact page and so on).

Another way to make your site easy-to-navigate is properly naming hyperlink texts. Visitors must know where each link will take them at a glance. For example, if you want to create a link to your order page, “Sale” is not a good name because it’s not clear and confusing. Use “Order” instead because it’s common.

The key is making it easy for them to find what they want, so make your site easy to navigate.

3. Use Suitable Colors

Copy is the most important part of your website, so it’s essential that you make it easy to read, and nothing is easier other than black and white to read.

The easier it is to read your copy, the more effective it will be. If you use in appropriate colors that make your copy difficult to read, few people will bother reading it, and if no one reads your copy how are you going to make sales?

4. Don’t Overuse Pop-ups

5 Website Design Tips to Make Your Site More Attractive What is a pop-up? It’s a window — usually a small window — that is opened when you click on a link and open or close a window. Unfortunately many webmasters go overboard with pop-ups which only results in annoying visitors.

They think if a pop-up appears and asks to order each time a visitor closes a window, he’s more likely to make a purchase… but they’re completely wrong. Not only they will not make any sales, but they’ll also lose a potential customer forever.

Don’t get me wrong! Using pop-ups can be an effective way to get a higher response to your offer. What i am saying is that you shouldn’t overuse and abuse them. They are good marketing tools if you use them wisely.

Pop-ups are best used to offer something of high value to your site visitors…something that you know they’re very much interested in. Make an offer that they can’t resist!

5. Remember Your Purpose

Why are you creating your website? Do you want to sell your products and services? What do you expect from your site? Decide on your purpose before you start designing your site. This is extremely important.

Each part of your website should lead to your purpose. All the links, graphics, titles, and the colors you choose should lead to what you want from your site.

Sometimes people are so much involved that they forget they designing for customer and forget there priority and needs. Instead of designing a sale-oriented website, all they’re trying to do is designing a “thing of beauty”. But there’s a problem here: beauty won’t sell.

It doesn’t matter if your visitors are impressed by professional flash animations and graphics on your site. You should ask yourself: Does your website sell or just impress people? Do people say,”Wow! how beautiful!!!” and then close the window and go to another site, without even noticing your sales letter at the bottom of the page?

Keep your purpose in mind all the time. If you expect your website to sell,then design it the way it makes visitors interested in your offer and motivates them to buy.

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