10 Reasons Why It’s Amazing To Live In Bengaluru

Bengaluru is a fabulous city and can easily make anyone fall in love with it. It is known as one of the most ethnically diverse cities of our country, with over 62% migrants living in it. This city welcomes everyone with a warm heart, beautiful lakes and gardens during the day and an amazing nightlife by the night.

Check out the reasons that makes Bengaluru one of the most amazing cities to live in.

1. Wondering how the climate of this city is pleasant throughout the year? Well, it is situated 3000 feet above sea level

That’s the best hill station you could ever visit. A perfect balance of beautiful weather and modernization.

2. Bengaluru is known as one of the cleanest cities in India. Now who wouldn’t want to live in a city that is clean and has a beautiful weather?


3. Food. This city has a variety of delicious cuisines to offer, apart from their local authentic cuisine

Right from MTR, Ramakrishna Lunch Home, Upahars, Darshini, Sagar to restaurants that serve cuisines like Mexican Italian, Chinese, Thai etc..

4. The city is a true cosmopolitan because of the ‘IT’ hub that has settled in. This gives you the opportunity to meet people from various parts of our country and the world in general

Research shows that local Kannadigas in Bengaluru is less than 41%.

5. Bengaluru is known as the garden city of India. It has two nationally recognized gardens – Lal 

Beautiful gardens that make for the perfect evening hangout spots.

6. Speaking of gardens, how can one forget the beautiful lakes of this city

Bengaluru has over 200 lakes and tanks. This city is definitely the coolest combination of nature and modern civilization.

7. Silicon Valley of India. Need we say more? This city has around 212 software companies

Now you can only imagine the number of job opportunities available in this city.

8. The city provides quality education and has many well-recognized eminent institutes that attract the attention and interest of many ambitious candidates from all across the globe

The city has over 21 engineering colleges and other major institutes like NIFT, IIMB, NIMHANS etc..

9. The public transport system is excellent in Bengaluru. The BMTC buses are clean, efficient and safe

Namma Metro is yet another reliable and efficient way for locals to commute from one place to another.

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10. Last but not the least, how can we not talk about Bengaluru’s much spoken about nightlife?

Bengaluru has over 800 pubs and bars and is also known as the “Pub Capital of India”.

This city is perfect in every way. The romantic cold weather, perfectly trimmed gardens, hot engineers, cool IT hubs, clean roads, delicious food, warm people and a nightlife that makes you lose all your inhibitions.

What more reasons do you need to live a good life in the third largest city of India – Bengaluru?

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