3 Simple Steps to Create a Blog that attracts Clients

Do you want to get more clients that are willing to work with you? Do you want to make 10,000$+ monthly? Then you need to make a blog that can attract clients who pay you what you want. To do this, you need to follow the next 4 steps and you will soon make six figures from the internet every six months.

Following are the steps that you need to follow :
1- Be different:

Do you want your blog to stand out from the crowd? Then you need to be different. You have to be different in:

a) Design:
Your blog design will give your readers the first impression about your blog. You must take care of it. And to be different, your design must be different from other designs in your niche, How? If the blogs in your niche choose colors like blue, red and orange you can use purple, and if the blogs are in magazine style you can make your blog more traditional. What I would like to say is that you need to do a quick research about the most popular blogs in your niche, and then try to be different from them all.

b) Content style:
You must have a unique style than all the other bloggers. You have to check where do they put images, what is the fonts that they use, what is the formula that they use to craft their post. After you do this simple research, now start to think about your unique content style.

c) Content format:
What I mean by content format is the type of the post, is it audio or video or webinar or articles etc. You must use a one that is not popular in your niche, so if they use articles, use video, and if they use videos use audio and so on.
d) Blog Topic:

It's very difficult to have a unique topic, so how to have one? Here's a simple trick that Copyblogger used to have a unique topic. You can combine 2-3 related topics to build your unique topic. As an example: Copyblogger is blogging about Copywriting+blogging "now it post about more than these". So do a quick research to make your own unique topic. Of course, you will think that all this is silly. But try it. You must be remarkable, make readers remember you from your design or content format or even your blog topic.

2- Create compelling unique content:

Now, it’s time to create some unique content using the design and the format that you had chosen before. It must be related to your topic that you chose. Try to focus on creating content that is not found everywhere. Make your post informative. Make it evergreen. Also, try to use some SEO tips, so that your post ranks higher in search engines and get you more traffic. To create posts that attract clients focus on these types:

  • Case studies
  • Ultimate guides

Of course, you will ask why these? The only answer for this is that it makes you as a professional in your niche, it shows to your clients that you know what you do. So try to focus on these types in the beginning.

3- Design the perfect hire me page:

Now you have created your content, you need to create your hire me page. This is the page that you show your services. You can provide the following in it:

  • A headline that attracts attention as (Do you want to take your business to the second level) Describe that you care about quality.
  • Show them your services that you can do.
  • Provide a contact form.
  • Provide a simple P.S. at the bottom of your page: in this P.S., you will tell your clients that you accept clients with a good budget.

You don't need to follow this formula, but I think it’s the best out there.

Last words:

These were the main 4 steps that you need to follow to make your blog attractive for new clients. I am sure you will like it. Now, you need to take action, start following these steps, and the first action that you can do is to tell us what do you think of this post? What other steps that can be added here?

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