How To Get Targeted USA And Canada or Other Country Traffic To Your Blog?


If you are using Google AdSense ads in your blog. Then you will be known to the fact that visitors click from Canada and USA is more than other country visitor clicks. So, if you want to earn maximum money from your blog while having low traffic. Then you should focus on different ways to get targeted USA and Canada traffic to your blog. In this post, I will explore different useful methods to get targeted traffic.

Target Keywords For Targeted Location

The first thing to get targeted traffic is by targeting potential keywords related to that particular location. For this purpose, you can easily search for keywords highly searched in USA and Canada. You can do that by simply using Google Keyword Planner. In Planner, make sure to set the location to USA, UK and Canada. After setting the targeted location, now you can easily search for highly searched keywords in selected locations. Just find such keywords and start writing content on those keywords. The content needs to be unique and informative in order to receive plenty of traffic.

Social Promotions In Targeted Communities

Social media networks can also help you to targeting USA and Canada traffic to your blog. For this, all you need is to start engaging in different social media groups of USA and Canada. Only sharing links of your blog posts will not be the effective method to increase traffic. For this you should add related picture along with interesting description about your post. Follow these steps and share your content in large active groups of USA and Canada. The group should have to be related to your niche to receive good results.

Blog Commenting In USA and Canada Blogs

The next way to increase your targeted traffic is to do blog commenting on keyword luv and comment luv enabled blogs of USA and Canada. By commenting in keyword luv enabled blogs, you will get do-follow backlink from that blog which will help you to rank high in search results.

Guest Posting In USA and Canada Blogs

The last but not the least way to get targeted USA and Canada traffic to your blog is by doing guest posting in blogs from USA and Canada related to your niche.

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