New Android Game from Particle Technology - Duck kill


Duck kill is duck shooting game in android. Blast the ducks as they fly to the left and right of the screen Destroy all ducks hiding in bushes!
Enjoy the fantastic effects of nature around you, animation as well as excellent graphics and sounds.
Try to shoot more ducks to complete your target score, if you fail, you will lose your chances to play next more exciting levels.
This hunting game improves your hunting and sniper skills. Shoot the birds in the limited time to carry on the hunting task.

Game Features 

- Challenging and addictive 

- Free game

- Easy to play

- Sensor Based Control

- Beautiful graphics and natural sound

- Addictive

Why its different than others?
It becomes a practice of listening to all the well-researched evidence, taking on board both the positives and the negatives, and weighing them in contention. The improved skills listed above don’t represent a broad range, but they remain further good science looking at genuinely positive results. And of course its greater purpose is to see if these positive
 effects can be used for rehabilitation processes. I love the observation that educational games are like chocolate-coated broccoli, and it’s exciting to see a team trying to rethink the possibilities for how educational/rehabilitative gaming could become significantly more appealing.
Endless joy is for you.
If you love playing action/hunting games then you shouldn’t miss out this amazing Duck kill.
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