About Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton is the only logical choice for any award dealing with the study of the natural
world. He of all people deserves to be called the best scientist of all time. Not only was he part of the
clergy (like most of the educated men of his day) but he also was a scientist. Newton did studies on the Laws of Gravity, Laws of Motion, light particles, and he even wrote his own math text book! The
Principia Mathematica was a text book that outlined many things, notably calculus – a new form of math that Newton invented as a tool for higher level geometry! Newton was a well rounded individual and a very successful man.

He deserves to get an award for furthering the advancement of science during the Scientific Revolution.Newton’s resume includes many ideas that today seem common knowledge. Before Newton there was no centralized theory on why things fell from the heavens, why people fell when they tripped or even what light was! Newton proved that the earth, and all matter has gravitational attraction. Now, someone may ask, what does that mean? Gravitational attraction is the amount of pull an object has on another object. All things have gravitational attraction, even humans. The earth has the most gravitational attraction that any person would experience in their daily life because we live on earth, not each other. Newton proved that gravity, or gravitational attraction is directly proportional to the mass of the individual piece of matter multiplied by the speed that objects fall.

(F = mg) That all sounds like gibber jabber unless you, being the judge, already knew how to calculate gravitational attraction. It basically means that big things attract more small things. That is why we stay on the earth instead of floating off. Gravity was not the only thing that attracted Isaac Newton, he also proved that light was not a mirage given to the human perception by the brain. He used prisms to refract beams of light into different colors. This proved that light was not in fact a trick of the eye, but was different particles traveling at different speeds. This shed more light on particle acceleration later on in history.

Finally Sir Isaac Newton invented a new tool, and form of math, Calculus. Calculus was invented to help solve Newton’s work on gravity. It is also used to find the area under a graph in geometry and trigonometry.

Calculus or calc for short is a one stop math that helps define geometry.Any person would choose Newton to be one of the most important scientists of the Scientific Reformation. He accomplished many ideas in his lifetime that are common household ideas today. Gravity, light, and the use of calculus are all in our society today thanks to the work of Sir Isaac Newton.

He deserves this award because he not only furthered the human race, but he also answered many
questions in science. Sir Isaac Newton is the ONLY choice that one could choose to receive an award for his scientific brilliance.

Basically Newton was a genius who fixed problems by creating his own solutions to them. He
never accepted the work of others unless he could prove it himself. When a problem didn’t have the
tools to create an easy solution, he created the tools (such as calculus). Newton was an innovator, and a genius. Anyone with half a brain cell could tell you that no other man besides Newton deserves to gain the highest awards for his achievements for science.

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