About Mithilesh Joshi

Mithilesh Joshi is a driven SEO Specialist and Marketing Enthusiast known for his dedication to learning and growth. With a passion for setting and achieving both short-term and long-term goals, Mithilesh thrives on challenge and continuous improvement.

As a self-motivated individual, Mithilesh is always eager to explore new opportunities and expand his knowledge base. His strong work ethic, coupled with a quick learning ability, ensures that he excels in all his endeavors.

Mithilesh is committed to bridging the gap between users and brands, leveraging his expertise to connect people with the products and services they need. Inspired by the motto, "If you want to shine like the sun, first burn like the sun," Mithilesh approaches each project with enthusiasm and determination.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Mithilesh is an avid consumer of knowledge, regularly immersing himself in podcasts and literature covering a wide range of topics, including marketing, finance, philosophy, economics, biking, and psychology. He also enjoys sharing his insights and interests through his blog, where he delves into subjects like antiques, Indian history, and design.

Recent Update about Mithilesh Joshi

Recently, LinkedIn recognized Mithilesh Joshi for his SEO awareness efforts and awarded him the LinkedIn Top Voice badge.  

His article titled "How SEO Works?" was published on the New York Public Library website.He also manages an SEO newsletter called 

Mithilesh Joshi is also runs an SEO newsletter called "SEO Charger" on LinkedIn, boasting over 12,000 subscribers.

Mithilesh Joshi's Work Experience

In the past, I worked as a receptionist at Rajkot Circuit House (Government Guest House).

My career in SEO started as a freelancer. As a freelancer, I have worked with brands such as Express Elevators, Wellcure, Pvot, Particle Webs, Presidency College, Rughoo, Mituraj Industries, Geetanjali College, and others. As a freelancer, I worked for almost three years.

Digital Marketing Consultant

I started working as an intern at Akhilasoukhya, and later got hired as a full-time Digital Marketing Consultant.

In partnership with regional Category Directors, brand teams, and PR teams, I was hired to develop and deliver best-in-class digital communication solutions. Utilizes digital media tools and platforms to drive brand awareness and engagement.

International SEO & Strategic Partnerships Associate

I later worked for OYO Rooms, which is one of the world's largest budget hotel chains.

My first exposure to multilingual or international SEO occurred here. My experience here includes working for countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.

Senior SEO Specialist

Eventually, I was hired by ET Money, one of the best fintech companies in India, which is owned by Time Internet Group.

In this project, I ranked multiple tools, calculators, and historical finance data. Managed a team for understanding the impact of Google algorithm updates, indexing, and crawling on search results.

SEO Specialist

Currently working for Asia's top digital marketplace for new and used stuff.

My job at Carousell is to increase visibility on search engines for countries like Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, & Malaysia.


Shankar Nath (Youtuber & Content Creator | Investing & Personal Finance)

For someone (like me) from a non-marketing background, Mithilesh was a god-send. His precise suggestion on which topics to choose, which keywords to target & how best to write titles for our Youtube videos not only saved me hours of effort, it also 5x-ed the impressions & views on our video content. I owe a lot to Mithilesh for this and it was an absolute pleasure working with him as a fellow member of the ET Money marketing team. Point blank, Mithilesh is the man for all-things-SEO

Beyond work, Mithilesh is a passionate & helpful person and we still connect often to exchange notes and take suggestions from each other. He is also a wonderful team player and likes going out of the way to help others. He loves taking the initiative & will continue to be an important addition to any company or brand who works with him. Wishing you the very best, Mithilesh and continue to stay in touch!

Ramesh Singh (DGM Marketing and Head of SEO at Great Learning)

Mithilesh is surely a valuable resource to have. He possesses multi-tasking skills including SEO, design, social media, data analytics, and research skills.

He is a team player and makes sure to provide value and contribute to the project's success. He's eager to learn new marketing techniques and helped the team to scale the organic channel growth. I’m sure he'll be an asset to any organization he joins.


Surabhi Sharma (Ad Sales Manager - Amazon Ads)

Mithilesh is an extremely passionate person and an earnest learner. He is a go-to person for SEO, data analytics and social media. He has great people skills and easily gets along with the team to deliver the desired goals. I believe he can prove to be a valuable asset for any team he works with.
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