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How to connect with Mithilesh?

(Updated on Nov 24, 2022)

Who am I 

Name: Mithilesh Joshi

Job: SEO Specialist

Gender Pronoun: He / Him

My work superpower (what’s my value-add): I help websites to improve visibility on search engines by doing SEO(search engine optimization).

How I prefer to structure my working day

Focus Work Window: 10am to 7pm Daily
Meeting Window: Every Sunday 4pm to 5pm

How I prefer to communicate 

Use LinkedIn or Twitter DM when: You need a fast/ relatively straightforward/ chit-chat response from me, Slower response during working hours.

Use email when: You need to discuss a topic in a thread/ multiple people in mail/ official work or Legal work.

Meet in person when: You have a sensitive or complicated issue to discuss. In-person meet-ups help us connect better...

You get the best of me 🤩 when… 

Given Thinking Space: Rather than making decisions on the spot, I prefer to take a "wait and see" approach.

Provided with Information: When it comes to decision-making, as a realist who weighs options, more information and context make me feel more comfortable.

You get the worst of me 😩when… 

Confrontational / Pushy / Aggressive: Extreme hostility is not something I can handle. Discussions in hostile environments are usually counterproductive.

Decision affects others negatively: Making decisions that have the potential to negatively affect others makes me uncomfortable.

What I do for fun

Hobbies: Reading about marketing, chess, biking, traveling, & designing.

Favourite foods: Any veg food.

Fun fact: You can search more about me on google 😜

Sorry to be a pain and not have a contact form here like every other normal website on the internet, but we’ve had issues with emails getting through to us, and we hate the idea of missing something from you.

So instead, we’ll let you start the conversation privately, and that way we can ensure we actually get your email (and you actually see our reply).

Sorry (again) but this probably saves us on spam as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I guest post on your site?

Yes, Why not? 
I really believe to grow together and contribute where we work, if you find an information that helps other and if this platform helps to grow you as well others, this is like my dream comes true.

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