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Offline / Online

Offline, bustling crowds pass by your place of business. Some of the passerby traffic notices you and walks in.
"Location, Location, Location"

Online, people search for information. Millions of people. Each searches alone."Information, information, information"

According to qSearch, approximately 85% of the Canadian Internet population conducts at least one search at the top engines each month (compared to 73% of the U.S. on-line population). Canadians conducted approximately 575 mln searches last April, while 1.2 bln US searches made in May 2004.

Google - Searching 4,285,199,774 web pages
28% of Google searches are for a "product/service name", 9% are for a "brand name" and 5% are searches for a "company name".
85%* of all Web site traffic and 70%* of all online purchases originate from a search engine. (*Jupiter Research)
Micro Commerce opportunities for new products and services will generate an estimated $60 bln in revenue per year by 2015 according to Gartner. A micro purchase is a purchase valued at less than $5 and conducted electronically, where the settlement can be either prepaid, by subscription, on-the-spot, or invoiced.

Site Building Process 

Want to win in Search Engine Marketing?
Control risk through education, best practices, smart people, and appropriate use of effective technology, not just for tracking but for campaign optimization.
Do you want to be a survivor and a winner in the game of search engine marketing?  Learn how the game is played. Campaign efficiency is not optional for search marketers, it is imperative. 


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