5 Tips of Photoshop Should Every Photographer Learn It.

Photoshop can help photographers out of a good deal of tight spots and difficult situations. From speeding up workflows, to the fixing exposure and colour of photographs, Photoshop can make the life of the photographer less stressful while keeping their clients happy.

Below we’ve listed some of the more essential Photoshop tricks that will make photographers’ lives easier, as well as some more creative tricks for when you’re feeling adventurous.

1. Bring out detail

Taking photographs in bright conditions can often have the result of areas being bleached out, or the shaded areas being underexposed, resulting in a loss of detail.

You can easily bring these details out, ensuring your shot is perfectly exposed, by using the Shadow/Highlight Tool.

Simple open the Shadow/Highlight tool, go to Show More Options, and you’ll be able to adjust Tonal Width, which controls shadows in the image, Radius to control blending, and Color Correction to adjust saturation.

2. Use a high pass filter to sharpen images

Want to get your shots looking as sharp and as crisp as possible? Simply open your image in Photoshop, duplicate the image layer, set the new layer’s blending mode to Overlay, and apply a high pass filter to the layer (Filter > Other > High Pass). You can adjust the amount of sharpening by dragging the slider left and right; the larger the radius, the more sharp your image will be.

3. Speed up your workflow by creating a Photoshop Action

It’s quick and easy to set up a Photoshop Action, and it’ll make your life a lot easier if you have multiple images you need to edit. Set up the action you want to perform by going to Window > Actions > Create New Action.

Name your New Action window, and set its Function Key to F2, which creates a ‘hot key’ that will enable you to activate it later on. Tick the Shift box and then Record.

Make the changes to your image, then to stop recording by clicking Stop in the Actions palette.

To apply these changes to future images, simply select your New Action in the Actions palette and hit the Play button. You can find a full tutorial here.

4. Learn Photoshop shortcuts

If you use Photoshop a lot, learning all the keyboard short cuts will save you a lot of time.

5. Reduce noise

Noisy images is a very common issue we’re all faced with every now and then. You can easily reduce the amount of noise using channels in Photoshop.

First, go to Filter > Noise > Reduce Noise. This will bring up a dialogue allowing you to adjust details and colour noise. For a detailed tutorial on how to rid your image of noise,

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