How to fix Google rich Snippest errors (Missing:auther & Missing: update)


Rich Snippet is a additional feature in Google search that show additional info about page listed in search, specially Author, Date, Ratings etc. Rich snippets are displayed reading microformats or RDFa in the web pages. According to some sites, rich snippets can improve the SEO of the site (though I haven’t seen any change).

If you are thinking of putting rich snippets in WordPress then the chances are, you might face snippets error such as:

Warning: Missing required field “entry-title” Warning: Missing required field “updated” Warning: Missing required hCard “authorâ€
To fix these errors you need to modify single.php file, the instruction on fixing these errors along with code in given below.
This error occurs when Google snippet cannot find the title.


note: some themes has h2 instead of h1.

Warning: Missing required field “updated

This error occur when Google Snippet cannot find date it was published or last updated.
To solve this find,

Warning: Missing required hCard “author”

This error occur when Google is unable to find the author of the post. This part use elements from hCard microformat which are ”vcard” and ”fn”.
To solve this,
Find : "",
and replace it with;

Editing these usually fixes all the error related to Google snippets and make your wordpress theme compatible with Rich Snippet. 
if you still facing some problem ask me in comment and on Quora.

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Good readers always drop comments!!

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