Why Digital Marketing Is Important in This Pandemic


Does we really need Digital Marketing right now, in this Pandemic? Let's see.

This pandemic is one that has brought our entire world to a standstill. Claiming the lives of individuals, wiping out entire families and economies left and right, it has certainly had a reverberating impact and will continue to in the future. The human loss is unimaginable, but the economic loss is just as present, if less noticeable. One of the largest changes that we will see forwards economically lies in the marketing space.

The Economic Pandemic

We’ve all seen and some of us have first hand experienced the mass bankruptcies that have run through the world and United States. Small businesses have struggled to keep their regular brick-and-mortar stores open, and physical flyers and events have largely been canceled. Just taking a look at the new COVID-19 friendly Major League Baseball pre-season games is enough to clue anyone into the fact that our world is rapidly changing.

Today and in the future, people have turned to digitizing their worlds. This means relying on social media, online adverts, and email communication with Zoom calls as the closest supplement for in-person meetings. Newspapers, billboards, and paloozas have solidly landed in the past.

The pandemic has only made certain what we have already known - that the online world is the future of marketing.

Next Steps in Pandemic 


Traditional Methods Fallout: 

The only thing we can do to prevent the economic fallout from people being physically unable to attend meetings and gain physical exposure to businesses is to adapt to the online space. Gaining traffic online may even be more convenient and easier, not to mention more productive fiscally than the traditional method used before. The next steps rely and are founded on principals needed to expand online presence and reach potential market consumers that fit the target audience.
While your business may have a good idea of who, prior to January 2020, would physically walk into your stores and freely hand over their money for your products, you may not have such a good idea of who would be willing to do it online.

And After

Newer Generations: 

With everything shifting online, those businesses which relied on Baby Boomer or Generation X’s money to keep themselves afloat will struggle if they do not adapt and market to Generation Z’s and millennials. They are the generations that are the most tech-savvy and are largely taking over the consumer marketplace.

Social Media: 

As such, these newer generations use social media apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Choosing your social media platforms wisely means being able to effectively market to the subset of the population that you earn the most money and turnover rates from. 
This means prioritizing the social media apps that you need, making sure your conversion rates are maximized with high-quality adverts, and ensuring that you connect to political climate and concerns of the moment with your brand’s message and purpose.


The takeaway from all of this is simple. The facts clearly show that with this pandemic comes a significant shift in the way that businesses will have to market in our new reality. This reality lies solidly in the digital marketing space, and requires important adaptations to keep small businesses and models afloat and productive.

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