Google Blacklist: Understanding What Google Instant Doesn't Like


So, have you ever felt like Google is peeking into your thoughts as you type into the search bar? Well, you're not alone. Google Instant, the search engine's feature that predicts and displays search results as you type, has a mysterious side: the Google Blacklist.

Now, before you get too intrigued, let me break it down for you. Google Blacklist is like the gatekeeper of decency in the world of instant search. It’s a list of words and concepts that Google Instant avoids showing you in real-time results, just in case you stumble upon something you’d rather not see.

Let’s play a little game. Head over to Google's homepage. Type in something cute like "puppy." Aww, adorable results fill your screen. Now, try typing "bitch." What do you see? An empty screen! Yep, that’s Google Instant playing it safe, shielding your eyes from anything potentially offensive.

But wait, there’s more. Even when your search term isn’t on the blacklist, Google Instant still tweaks the results. For example, type "murder," and you'll get suggestions mostly related to band names. It's only when you hit enter that the darker results appear. Sneaky, right? It shows how content can be controlled and filtered, for better or worse.

Now, let’s dive into the juicy stuff: the actual blacklist. Brace yourself; it's a long list filled with words and phrases you probably wouldn’t want to mention in polite conversation. From explicit terms to peculiar ones you never knew existed, it’s all there.

Want to test it out? Go ahead, type in some of the words listed below, and watch how Google Instant dances around them. It’s like playing a game of censorship bingo!

But hey, we’re not alone in this mission. We're crowdsourcing to compile the ultimate Google Blacklist. If you stumble upon a term missing from our list, shoot us an email. 

Oh, and a word of caution: this blog isn’t for everyone. Children, ministers, senators, or anyone easily scandalized, you might want to sit this one out.

So, without further ado, let’s peek behind the curtain and explore the weird, wild world of Google Blacklist.

What’s Off the Table?

The list is vast, covering everything from the anatomy to obscure internet slang. Here’s just a taste of what’s on the blacklist:
  • 2g1c: Remember that shock video? Yeah, don’t expect instant results for that.
  • 4chan: Even the mention of this infamous forum raises eyebrows.
  • anal: Well, you can guess why this one's on the list.
  • fetish terms: From “autoerotic” to “zoorphilia,” it’s a rabbit hole of peculiar interests.
  • racial slurs: Google doesn’t play around when it comes to offensive language.
  • sexual acts: You name it, it's probably on the list.

Download whole list of Keywords are which are block from Google

What Escapes the Banhammer?

Surprisingly, some terms slip through the cracks:
  • annie sprinkle: An iconic figure in the world of adult entertainment.
  • homosexual: Apparently not as offensive as some might think.
  • necrophilia: Yes, seriously, this one’s okay according to Google.

Download whole list of Keywords are not banned/ block by google

The Bottom Line

Google Blacklist is like a bouncer at the club, keeping out the rowdy and inappropriate content. While it might seem like censorship to some, others see it as a necessary filter in our increasingly connected world.

So next time you type into that search bar, remember: Google’s got your back, even if it means shielding your eyes from the darker corners of the internet. Happy searching, folks!

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