USA Google Update - Advantages & Disadvantages of Continuous Scrolling



Google announced a few hours ago by writing this article. That continuous scrolling on Google Searches for iOS and Android users (initially in the U.S.) makes it easier to find what they are searching for.

What is this fuss about?

Now, when you reach the page end no need to click on "Page 2, Page 3 or Next page". Instead, the next set of results will automatically load so you can continuously scroll down to see more information.

The change will roll out only on m-web, it will be supported by the Google mobile app as well.

So, there are few things to consider when you talking about continues scrolling on SERP. 

There are a few Advantages & Disadvantages are there to know right now. 

Check my detailed tweet on Adv & Disadv of Continuous scroll.

Advantages of Continuous Scrolling

  • Better Ui/UX experience
  • Better for those who tend to explore more than 4 SERPs.
  • Good for People Who looking for a variety of ideas or inspiration or research on a given topic
  • Beneficial to publishers
  • Create an illusion that the user hasn’t left the first page
  • Increase content discovery significantly.

Disadvantages of Continuous Scrolling

  • Only for English searches for the time being.
  • It's part of stagging so initially, you can see some glitches.
  • Copied from Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok Feeds.
  • Spending more time in the app where they’ll also see more ads.
  • This endless stream of content keeps people on the app for hours & it becomes more time occupying.

After data collection, we can expect to see this update roll out to Asia, Europe, Africa, and other parts of the world.

However, that change was more about how the search results looked, not how they functioned.

Now ranking on the first page is not so important after this update. Let me know what you feel about this update.

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Happy Searching!!




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