Google Rolling Out The Expandable Snippet Carousel - Unconfirmed


Have you seen the below kind of results on search?

So Google is now showing a new type of results on SERP. This is not so new it's widely seen after 30 November 2021. But this experiment is seen on 24 August 2021 by Jon and several others on google.

Where Alexander noticed out that this feature comes from BING. (Tweet link if you want to recheck ;)

So this result is called "The Expandable Snippet Carousel" or "Bing snippet Carousel"

Right now this result is seen in Google's desktop search results only not on the mobile side.

Here is what it looks like with tabs in the snippet that you can click on to see a different description for the snippet:

Here are people who have seen these changes.

There are lots of tweets that reported this to our one and only Barry Schwartz 😬 on Twitter, you can see here

If you want to know how to get your results like this let us know we will share with you the best possible way.

I hope this will help you to find your relevant query, if not you can always drop comments for more details or queries.

Till the next time, Keep Searching✌


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Good readers always drop comments!!

Good readers always drop comments!!

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