How to build SEO Friendly Landing page?


Everyone in digital marketing has heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for websites. 

But, did you know that just optimizing the website is not going to help you, instead you should focus on optimizing landing pages that can change the game.

In this article, I am going to share what is found is important to the user as an SEO Expert.

Remember one thing "Your landing pages have answers to the question, Not the whole website has to answer one question."


If you can do that users will reward you by becoming a subscriber or customer.

Let's start...

The most important thing to understand is to try to use search intent to inspire SEO-friendly landing pages.

What is search intent?

Search intent also known as keyword intent is the ultimate goal of the user who enters a query in a search engine to fulfill their requirements.

Types of search intent:

While every query has its unique intent, there are four basic ways to group search intent:

  • Informational: This serves information starts with "how-to" or "What is".
  • Commercial: This serves as something to do or buy with any kind of product.
  • Navigational: This serves steps or tutorials related to a specific brand.
  • Transactional: This serves purchase, lead generation, or downloading any files.

How To Determine Search Intent

The search intent of a particular query can be obvious when it includes words like “buy” and “now”

Other, less obvious queries can be uncovered by visiting the SERP page.

For example, if you have a website selling towels, your keyword research output should be grouped along these lines:

  • Towels, informational intent
  • Towels, commercial investigation
  • Towels, transactional intent

So if you’ve got three towels products that you sell, you’ll end up with nine groups of keywords (3 models x 3 search intents).

How to use search intent with landing page creation?

I have identified that there are two key landing pages for most of the use cases:

  • A page for Discovery: The Discovery page contains information that is already there on the internet.
  • A page for Creation: The creation page contains information provided by you for your products.

How to fulfill the demand for discovery & creation pages?

So, Here I found a few basic things that we should focus on to serve both kinds of users:

Step 1: Understanding the intent of the person using Google
Step 2: Develop a parent and child relationship for other landing pages
Step 3: Create a scalable landing page structure
Step 4: An investment in backlink outreach
Step 5: Creating a strong content culture
Step 6: Find the right questions and intents to answer through SERPs.
Step 7: Find existing opportunities through Google Search Console.
Step 8: Add true value for your users.

After all this list down all answers and create a landing page for your product.

  1. Use your discover pages to interlink with the category and sub-category pages(Which are your Creation pages yours).
  2. Replicate and re-create scalable landing pages that rank & convert the most.
  3. Invest In personalized backlink outreach.
  4. Always track and create landing pages in response to new demand.
  5. Leveraging blog content to drive more results.
  6. Don't forget to maximize the comparison Pages (informational intent).

I got this topic-related queries a lot in my DM I hope this will help you to build valuable SEO Friendly Landing Pages.

You can add your ideas in a comment to help others.


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