Does Google Penalize AI Content?


Does Google Penalize AI Content?


Do google have any algorithm to detect AI generated content?

Answer is yes, it have capability to notice AI generated content since the launch of EAT in 2014, and other algorithm has also improved over time.

So how I can use AI for content creation?

Try to do AIO(a new term for another field of optimization), similarly like SEO, ASO, SMO its AIO-Artificial Intelligence Optimization.

So, How to do AIO?

I have created a my personal Framework to play around with AI, and I called it as "K.A.R.M.A"!

FYKI, "K.A.R.M.A" Stands for...
  • K- Keep it Creative
  • A-Accuracy and Fact-Checking
  • R- Reader first content
  • M- Maintain the the voice of writer
  • A- Add images, visuals, and media
This editing framework will help polish up your content, improving its quality and making it more human-like.

However, it’s still AI content, just upgraded.

At this point, we’ve looked at two kinds of AI content: 100% AI content output and edited AI content.

Both are affected by our question is...

does Google penalize AI content?

Short Answer is No!

Google does not penalize AI content. It penalizes poor content.

Try to understand one fundamental thing about AI, Its created to make your life easy, when you abuse it, it will make you life difficult as well.

So, Have fun with AI, no need to be scared its just about time thing!

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