Important Features in Photoshop for Graphic Design


Photoshop graphic design is an artistic expression of types of visual electronic information that can be designed for a website or advertisement. It has also been used in print media. Using the important features found in photoshop graphic design can help the user create functional and pleasing effects on projects.
Photoshop has a unique user interface where you choose tools for creating customized graphics. It is user friendly and is appropriate for beginners as well as professional graphic designers. Newer users can quickly master the features by accessing tutorials offered with the software. The tutorials can also help the more experienced users maximize usage of the photoshop features.

Turn Photos into Graphics

One of the features in photoshop is the ability to take a photo and use it to create graphics. Using filters, you can choose elements within a photo and use a painting or drawing option. With painting, you simply use a virtual paint brush to alter the photograph. This feature can render the photo as a caricature to use in your graphic design.

Basics of Graphic Design Using Photoshop

The features in photoshop graphic design address the basics of graphic design. A user can manipulate images using actions, layers of images and styles. Creating shapes, drawing and painting can also be used along with cropping, retouching and filling to create interesting graphics.
Below are the basics of graphic design that can be addressed through the use of important features of photoshop graphic design.
Colors. Color grabs the attention of the viewer and is effective in graphic designs intended for advertisements or signage. Using the color options in photoshop is easy and the effects can be seen immediately making finding the right color to use easy.
Shapes. Shapes can be used in a design can add to the visual impact of a project. The shapes in an image can be exaggerated or be manipulated through the software create a bold image.
Lines. Lines are used to direct the gaze of the viewer and to organize the text and graphics. Using photoshop features, you can use lines to border or divide an image. Boxes can also be created to highlight text within the graphics.
Mass. Mass is created when text and graphic elements are used for contrast. This can also be defined as the overall effect of an image. The key idea with mass is to create the right amount of contrast to grab the attention of the viewer in a balanced and attractive manner.
Textures. Textures can be created from scratch; however textures that are preloaded in the photoshop software can also be used. They can add depth and dimension to graphics. Textures are often used in website design to add background contrast to webpages. Texture is often used in scrapbooking for creating a layered, in depth effect. This same effect can be achieved for websites and advertisements with the software.

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