New Off Page SEO Tips For Bloggers Posted

Hey Guys!! I'm back after some days with the brand new tips on Off page SEO. There are two types of search engine opttimization your website or blog 1st is On Page SEO then 2nd is Off Page SEO. On Page SEO is about your blog page optimizing like your post title, keywords etc and the Off page SEO is about your link building and other factors etc.
 These optimizations is must for your blog if you want to drive some huge traffic from search engine to your blog/website. OFF Page SEO is recommending to increse search engine and ranking visibility. Now these days Google is making some changes and they are doing some work against spammers. So now I'm going to share with you some OFF page Seo tips for blogger, webmaster etc. These are really most important and must know tips for every blogger to increase their blog value or traffic and ranking.

OFF Page SEO Tips :

  • Quality Link Building
  • Using SMO (Social Media Optimization) For Your Blog

Quality Link Building :

Google is going strict day by day because of spammers everywhere you can find spammers and it hurt to Google and they punished them. These days Google only accepts quality link building because the large amount of spammers doing a bad link building for their blogs and Google denied it. A quality link building is like comments on others blogs high PR blogs with real appreciating comments not spamming and you can also use paid links for your blogs. Do not build your website backlinks too fast because the quantity of backlinks that's matter the quality of backlinks will matter because Google only accepts high PR or quality backlinks. Write your article friendly then backlinks automatically increasing day by day.

Using SMO (Social Media Optimization) For Your Blog :

The using of social media website for your blog is must for everyone in  2014 because your ranking and traffic will matter when your blog will visible on the popular social media websites like Facebook,Twitter,Reddit etc. It's very important for every blogger. When your blog links will appear on the major social media platform, then search engine automatically send traffic to your blog. You just need to share your blog post links to major social media websites like Facebook etc. When you drive some traffic to your blog from social media websites, then your website ranking will automatically increase day by day.

Last Words :

So guys our today article is about OFF page SEO tips for newbie bloggers who want to drive some search engine traffic to their blogs. These tips are really effective on your ranking and traffic also. Its must use tips for everyone you want to work on the internet to your blog online. It's very easy. 

If you cannot understand anything, just comment here without any hesitation. I will reply your comment as soon as possible. Happy Blogging with Mithilesh Joshi

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