11 Reasons Why It’s Awesome To Be A Night Owl

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”

It’s true that waking up early in the morning keeps you proactive and fresh throughout the day. But there’s some of us, the night owls, who get super productive as the darkness approaches. We have a special life, a life separate from the morning larks, where things happen while most beings have their eyes closed.

Only a person staying up late at night can experience these, and if you’re one, here are 13 awesome reasons to feel proud of yourself;

1. People who stay up late are more creative

Deeper into the night, you head opens up, your muddled thoughts clear up and you turn into this creative genius.

2. They have an open mind ready to soak in the abnormality of the night

Night owls  have lesser inhibitions and are in general more open to change.

3. Night owls are generally smart and clever

Research says that night owls are more intelligent with a mush higher IQ level.

4. They come out to be more curious, brave and adventurous

There’s hardly a horror movie that can scar a late-night being. They get to see a side of the world and nature, that most people miss on.

5. Multitasking is a skill that they master in

After all, this is what helps them on those late mornings. Late for school.. late for office…. aaaarrrghhh!!

6. Meeting tough deadlines turn out to be easier for late nighters

They are super flexible and they are the ones to pull out an all-nighter before exam like a pro.

7. They have a healthier sex life

Ample time experiment and innovate, night owls have more chance of having a healthy sex life. 😉

8. They get to enjoy those precious “being alone” moments

At night when everything goes silent, night owls have time for themselves to reflect upon how their day went.

9. Most successful plans are made late at night over a cup of coffee

10. Late night folks are your 2PM friends…. who you can call to discuss your breakup

They fall into that category of friends who stay by your side when no one else is around.

11. Also, only late nighters can pull of 5 seasons of Prison break + GoT together in a weekend

Boo..you early to bedders!
And finally as they say,

“The only real time for living is after everyone’s gone to bed.”

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