Captain America 3:Civil War And About Cast Excitement Go through the blood.. Part 2

Black Panther

When Marvel Studios officially announced Captain America: Civil War in October 2014, Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man wasn’t the only special hero revealed to be involved with the project. The company also took that time to confirm that Chadwick Boseman would be playing the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Black Panther a.k.a. T’Challa, and that he would be playing a crucial role in the upcoming film. 

While it hasn’t been confirmed, there has been some suggestion that the role Black Panther will be playing in Captain America: Civil War will be similar to the part in the comics played by Spider-Man. In the source material, the web-slinger found himself caught in the middle of the debate between Captain America and Iron Man, torn between both sides. This would be a very interesting way to introduce Black Panther into the MCU, and it’s a plausible one. 


Sam Wilson a.k.a. Falcon has come a long way since we first met him jogging around Washington D.C. – but that will happen when you become best friends with Captain America. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we first learned that Wilson used a specially designed jetpack for rescue missions when he was in the military, but now he’s using that same technology to fight with a whole different outfit entirely: The Avengers. Unfortunately, that means that he is going to be embroiled in the entire mess within Captain America: Civil War and the debate over the Superhero Registration Act. 
Beyond just his position as an Avenger, however, Falcon will also play a key role in another very important aspect of Civil War’s plot: the continued search for Winter Soldier. It was briefly mentioned in The Avengers: Age of Ultron that the search continues for the metal-armed former brainwashed assassin, and Falcon is still very much Cap’s partner in that mission. 

The Winter Soldier

Nobody expected the Marvel Cinematic Universe to leave the story of The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) hanging after the events of the second Captain America movie, and while it doesn’t sound like he has a place in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, he has been confirmed to be an important part of Captain America: Civil War. We need to figure out what he’s going to do now that he actually knows that he is Bucky Barnes! 

In addition to having a dramatic plotline involving Captain America, however, the 2016 film may also see The Winter Soldier running into a serious conflict with Iron Man. After all, it is implied in Captain America: The Winter Soldier that the brainwashed Bucky actually killed Tony Stark’s parents as part of a mission for Hydra. If Tony discovers this, he’s going to want to put Bucky down for good, and that’s just going to cause an addition conflict between Iron Man and Cap. 

Black Widow

With her "shades of grey" morality pairing up perfectly with the titular hero’s more clear ideas of right and wrong, Black Widow a.k.a. Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) was easily one of the best parts of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and the good news is that she will be back once again for the next sequel. And while the specifics of her role in the whole business is unknown, it’s obviously a significant fact that she is still a member of the Avengers. 
Certainly one of the most exciting aspects of Captain America: Civil War will be determining which team she winds up joining in the movie – be it pro-registration or anti-registration. She has been a wild card her entire life, and also happens to have very close relationships with both Captain America and Iron Man. Which side will she choose? We’ll have to wait and find out. 


Paul Bettany’s take on Vision was certainly one of the best elements in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, perfectly capturing both the comic book character and beautifully representing the themes in the movie of chaos vs. order. After such a fantastic performance, we really didn’t want to have to wait long to see him again, and the good news is that we won’t. 

Given that he is a member of the Avengers alongside Captain America and the plot description of Captain America: Civil War, it obviously makes sense that Vision would wind up becoming involved, and that has been officially confirmed. Exactly how he will fit into the plot of the film as an individual and where his loyalties will lie are currently a mystery, but given that Tony Stark is kinda sorta one of his dads, it’s not impossible to believe that he could wind up being on the pro-registration side of the conflict. 

War Machine

Don Cheadle’s War Machine a.k.a. James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes not only finally got into some Avengers action with a small role in Age of Ultron, but the guy is now actually a full-fledged Avenger himself. Now that Tony Stark has left the team, the organization apparently had a need for a dude in a metal suit, so that’s exactly the role that he will be filling. And he’ll next be doing so in Captain America: Civil War. 

While it hasn’t been officially revealed in any capacity, it’s also pretty easy to predict where Rhodey’s loyalties will lie when it comes to the conflict regarding Superhero Registration. He may be a teammate with Captain America on the Avengers, but his ties to Tony Stark go way, way further back, and we can expect that friendship to result in Iron Man and War Machine fighting side by side.

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