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About 10 miles south of Portland, Oregon, in a building shared with Coca-Cola, the 25-person team at ON1 Software is hard at work on their biggest project yet. It’s called ON1 Photo RAW, and not only is it a complete rewrite of their existing technology, it’s the first new RAW image processor in many years.

ON1 has been making photo editing and enhancing tools since 2005, but its software has primarily been in the form of plugins for other popular applications. I had the opportunity to meet with ON1’s Patrick Smith, director of marketing, and Dan Harlacher, director of product management, to learn more about the software and the new direction they’re taking the company.

ON1 has been creating picture written material and enhancing tools since 2005, however its software packagehas primarily been within the variety of plugins for different fashionable applications. I had the chance to fulfillwith ON1’s Patrick Smith, director of selling, and Dan Harlacher, director of product management, to find outadditional regarding the software package and therefore the new direction they’re taking the corporate.

ON1’s key focus with picture RAW is speed, that was created directly clear during a demonstration of the newsoftware package engine running during a developer workplace. The engine loaded a 42-megapixel RAW image from a Sony A7R II in but a quarter-of-a-second. Harlacher then incontestible many time period effects, from basic exposure changes to advanced lens blur simulations. The image preview updated instantly anytime he touched a slider, no matter what number changes had already been applied to the picturewhereas a video of an identicaldemonstration was discharged a jiffy past, seeing it head to head created it way more real.

The most spectacular issue, though? All of this was running on a paltry 13-inch MacBook Air connected to a projector via Apple AirPlay. image RAW has been retooled from the bottom up to try and do the maximum amount work aspotential on the computer’s graphics process unit (GPU), therefore if all of those effects will render in time period on a laptop that produces do with Intel integrated graphics, I will solely imagine what’s potential on a true digital computer with a separate GPU.
Of course, it’s not possible to speak a couple of RAW processor while not creating comparisons to a particulardifferent RAW processor that some folks could have detected of: Adobe Lightroom. it'd appear to be a difficult state of affairs for ON1, whose existing merchandise will run as plugins inside Lightroom.
“We didn’t commenced to make a Lightroom killer,” Harlacher aforesaid. “There we tend tore bound things our customers were requesting that we merely couldn’t provide them inside Lightroom’s SDK.”

A big part of that's nondestructive piece of writing. Everything done at intervals Lightroom is nondestructive, however as before long as a picture is distributed to a different application, as well as a plugin, its changes square measure baked in and saved as a replacement file. this could be trouble for photographers World Health Organization wish the flexibleness to leap back and forth between creating RAW changes and adding effects.

By distinction, “Everything at intervals pic RAW are going to be nondestructive,” Harlacher aforesaid. each separate part of ON1’s computer code suite can exist as a module at intervals pic RAW. However, ON1 isn’t turning its back on Adobe. In fact, the complete pic RAW program will run as a plugin at intervals Lightroom, albeit with the standard loss of nondestructive edits once moving between the 2 applications.

For iPhone photographers excited concerning the likelihood of shooting in RAW with iOS ten, it’s conjointly price noting that ON1 pic RAW can run as a plugin at intervals Apple Photos on the mack.
Unlike Lightroom and alternative RAW processors, pic RAW doesn’t store pictures or data during a “catalog.” Instead, it functions as a hybrid image browser and skilled worker, and skips the customarily tedious import/ingest method of alternative programs. merely purpose it at a folder of pictures, and therefore the program instantly masses them. It still stores information concerning the files, however, thus users will organize and filter pictures at intervals the program.

The potential draw back of this approach is that it leaves it up to the lensman to form and maintain a folder hierarchy. However, again, the complete app will operate at intervals Lightroom for people who would like to continue mistreatment it to manage files.

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