Top 5 hobbies should be have for blogger

Blogging as a profession is the greatest gift which internet have provided to all of us. Its just living life your very own style. But have you ever given a thought why 99% of the bloggers either leave or keep blogging for few cents for years. Why great bloggers make 1000 times more money than you by investing the same amount of time as you. Below i have tried to collect few things which may be stopping you to live life your style.

1. Analytics  – Do you know how much time you spend  in viewing analytics. Going again and again and analyzing your visitors does nothing but killing your precious time which could have been utilized in writing valuable posts. Analytics is the greatest mood swinger and makes you more a stock broker rather than a blogger. People view analytics and just flow in the share market psychology.

Apart from killing your precious time , it disturbs your blogging rhythm. Suppose you write 4-5 very great posts in the morning and in evening you wants that Google Sir should give you rewards as early as possible. In order to watch search engine traffic visitors you open analytics several times. It may happen that the posts you written today may not have been picked by Google today and the search engine benefits will start showing after few days. But you will get disheartened and say what the f*ck, i have killed my fingers and stressed my brain, and look what have i got , few hundred vistors.

The things which may start creeping in your mind –

May be its not my domain.
May be i should write on different topics.
May be i should change my writing style.
May be i have not done enough SEO.
May be i should QUIT …
Look how viewing analytics in turn may destroy a blogger in making that is you. So, my advice is watch it,  but not let it create too much entropy in your head.

2. Adsense – Adsense stats are same as analytis and addiction of adsense increases with income.You should never forget that  those are your money and will go nowhere if you will not see them. Why do you keep logging in Adsense and keep watching the ticking Dollars. Why not to do some effort , the dollars will come to you anyway. If  analytics gives you nightmares , Adsense can give you Daydreaming behavior.

3.  Alexa – Alexa ranking are inaccurate but are the only determining criteria to watch where you and your competitors stand. Bloggers search a lot of their content (To be written) through search engines, and in the process of searching new content they come across 100s of new blogs and websites everyday. They can’t stop the urge to check their alexa ranking as well and in a way start building unrealistic goals for them. If some blogger is having a great rank, he may not have reached there in one single month. Alexa graphs only show graphs since when they came below 1,00,000 rank. But before that, the struggle story is untold by Alexa.

Don’t waste too much time in visiting alexa. If its unstoppable , download a toolbar, but never keep thinking the whole day that what will you do when you will beat the greatest alexa ranking in your domain of writing. Just keep working Hard. Believe me it looks easier and its not hard, but its lengthy.

4. Themes and plugins – I know Great themes look good and you should go for a simple and fast loading theme, but most bloggers change their theme and keep downloading new plugins every time they see a good looking blog or nice plugins in it.  I myself changed bookmarking plugins 13 times and finally reinstalled this simple looking bookmarking plugin which is given below posts. If the urge to change your theme a bit or install new plugins happens once in a week then its OK , but if its happening regularly and in few days, then do something about it.

5. Link building – We all know link building on related websites or blogs helps a lot. But is it the only thing to succeed in blogosphere ?  All those great bloggers out there have written over 1000 posts to succeed. But people nowadays start doing a massive link campaign  and waste lot of initial enthusiasm and effort in doing so  just after few posts. Every new blogger in order to build link –

Go on to every ABC bookmarking websites and waste time in bookmarking their websites without realizing that 80% of them are nofollow links which will never do any good for their SEO . It may help a bit to that bookmarking website to help them to earn fruits of your hard work. Build links only on Dofollow bookmarking websites if its meant for SEO. If meant for traffic then go for Digg.
They go on commenting on each and every blog without realizing that most of them are new born just like them and are stiil struggling for Page rank and link juice. Its like begging from Beggars .Never helps. Go for high ranked blogs and put valuable comments so that they get approved. If they are do follow blogs, then much better.

They join forums and start building links and after few weeks they realize that all their links are deleted and they are banned. What a waste of you and your broadband.

I know you should do some bookmarking, feed submission, commenting but up to a limit. SEO is just like taking a medicine. Never help after the dose limit and may harm also if taken excessively.Do you know there is an Over Optimization penalty in Google if your website is 100% optimized and they can even ban you in search engines due to massive link building campaign. Remember Content is the king, and in last your well written posts with fresh and relevant information will succeed. SEO is a trick and not a mandatory thing, it just tune up your recognition process. But if you have written less than 10 posts and go on building massive links , how much insulting it will be to search engine. They will come and see nothing valuable. Its like inviting guests without having ration in your house.

Blogging is a serious profession today and can definitely make you rich. Richer than your grandfathers have ever predicted. But the things you should keep in mind is that its not an overnight process and working hard today for 8 hours don’t guarantee you success in few days. Thinks of it as a board exam and keep working towards it 3-4 hours a day till 6 months when you will see a big bang in your analytics. You will also get surprised how Google rewards Constant hard work and gives more than you ever expected.

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