Jio Net 4G internet without getting Jio Sim card(works on any device) 2016/2017

If you don't have jio Sim card and still want to use jio 4G  internet service for free then following is the way to get the 4G speed on your phone over your smartphone
This possible with the help of jio App  Jio Net

  • First download the JioNet App form google play
  • Open the JioNet app, following type screen will Appear
  • If you have jio Id then enter or if don't jave then click on mobile option following type screen will see

  • Enet your mobile number and click on  "Get Confermation Code "
  • Following type screens will apper

  • Once Validation process done following screen will Apper
  • Now Find the nearest Jio WiFi Hotspot by clicking "Find a Hotspot Button
  • Following type Screen will appear showing nearest Jio Wifi Hotspot

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Good readers always drop comments!!

Good readers always drop comments!!

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