How to check google app rank in other countries? - SOLVED

If I go to, it automatically recognizes my country and allows me to browse the apps for that country. I can change the language through the dropdown in the footer, or I can add (&gl=code) in the query string...but that only changes the language...not the store content (the app lists and rankings remain the same)
I guess there must be some other query string parameter or header parameter because I'm sure Google devs don't use country-specific proxies or PCs located in locations in 50+ countries to see how the store appears there.
Looking for solution I found some simple google simple hacks that will help you to check your app description, reviews, photos, downloads and like everything you want to see.
It will not so much tedious I found country-specific URL of google play store. It will help you to explore and understand your app behaviour in other countries.
There is several another way to check the same data with several different tools like VPN, Proxy and other things.
So, here you can check your relevant code for your requirement.
If you spot any incorrect ones, feel free to comment it down.
You can also change the language using the hl parameter, like this:

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Good readers always drop comments!!

Good readers always drop comments!!

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