SEO Perspective on POP-UP Windows in websites - popup installation for blogger

You might notice in some websites that a popup window opens suddenly without the knowledge of you which leads to other websites and they do it for some promotional purpose.

It’s easy to add popup window for blogger and adding popup window helps in increasing page views of your blog and you can help visitors to know useful links within your site and other external sites.

Does Google penalise Websites with Pop-ups?(Answer is based on SEO purpose)

The quick answer is probably – it depends on if your pop-up is taken into account intrusive. though you manage to totally optimize your pop-ups it doesn’t mean that you simply will act and fill your webpages with them. At least, not if you wish to be found by Google. Some guests merely shut the window and move aloof from your web site if they fall upon a pop-up. to induce guests to stay around longer on your webpages, and to induce Google to list you in a very search result, you would like to make sure that the pop-ups don't seem to be intrusive to the user.

With result from Gregorian calendar month tenth, 2017, Google has began to penalise pop-ups (interstitials) on mobile webpages that square measure intrusive to the reader. Google needs to make sure that content being served to users is simple to access in spite of what device they use to browse the net.

The search strategies of Google and different search engines is continually evolving. Today, the traffic from mobile devices outstrips the traffic from desktops. keep with this growth in mobile traffic, Google is together with ranking factors that stress on the mobile expertise of the user. Mobile devices use some completely different search strategies like native search and voice search. Search engines square measure greatly influenced by these search habits of mobile users. In fact, Google has rapt on to mobile-first compartmentalisation, and in any search, Google bots currently consider your mobile webpages prior to the content on your desktop.

To make content a lot of simply accessible on mobiles, Google has place out mobile tips that specify what pop-ups square measure acceptable on mobiles and what don't seem to be. the essential rule is that pop-ups and the other reasonably interstitials that square measure intrusive to readers square measure a giant NO. this is often applicable to mobile webpages solely.

How to create a popup window for Blogger

  • Login to your blogger  account
  • Go to Dashboard >> layout and click “add a gadget” from sidebar or footer
  • Open HTML/JavaScript gadget
  • Add the following script in HTML/JavaScript content area and click save

  1. Make sure to change the URL
  2. Customize the width and height of the popup window like you wish
Now a popup window opens pointing to that page when users click somewhere on your blog.
There’s good reason behind this. Google’s end-game will always be to improve the user-experience. They believe that these intrusive interstitials create a poor experience for users and ultimately impact their bounce rate, their exit rate, and even their time onsite. If content is immediate and uninterrupted, consumers are far more likely to explore the site and ultimately make the conversion. Feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive, as evidenced by the many different social posts to that effect.

Now, there are some exceptions. The specific verbiage from Google is that the following examples “would not be affected by the new signal, if used responsibly.” Interstitials that reference a legal obligation don’t fall into the negative bucket. Examples would be age verification or forewarning of cookie usage. Another area is login dialogs, where the content of a site isn’t indexable publicly.

So how do you know the quality of your user experience and whether certain design elements may be harming your conversion rates? The best way is to analyse certain metrics. The ones that we would recommend tracking are browse rate, bounce rate, return visitor rate and time on site. You can track these using Google Analytics (which will have the best indication of how your site fares on Google). When in doubt, keep the design of your site simple, clean and explore it from the perspective of your customers.

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