"EXPLORE" is now seen on Google's search result pages in the US


Google is always updating its search engine results pages. There is now a new SERP feature called "Explore" that is being discovered by many members of the community.

As this article is published, it is mostly seen in the USA.

What is Explore on SERP?

It is shown at the bottom of the SERP for the query and has a lot of content, almost like Google Search and Discover combined.

It also feels like a new age pintrest with web stories.

How can I see those results?

If you are in the USA you can use queries like "Artificial intelligent", "Oprah Winfrey", "best SEO blogger", and "MLB all star game".

As of now, I haven't found anything new in India. What have you found in your country?

Below is all videos that shows how new explore version is looking like.

Is it official by google?

There is no official statement shared by google yet.

Can I optimize my content for the new Explore section?

We don't know what optimization is being used and how to get our site over there, so we do not know how those results are appearing.

Here are tweeter threads by @glennglabe who found this a few hours back.

We will update if we find anything new regarding Google's new Explore section.


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Good readers always drop comments!!

Good readers always drop comments!!

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