Thor Ragnarok movie poster designing in Photoshop CC 2017

Designing a film poster is pure fun. There’s no question about it. It’s one of those projects that you look forward to as a designer. Designing a film poster can also be incredibly fast and easy… Given the right reference photos and subject matter, a stunning poster can be created in minutes. In this tutorial I will walk you through some easy steps to do just that.

so today i am showing you a quick editing of Thor Ragnarok Movie poster in photoshop cc 2017 so the original picture which i taken for editing is..

and after editing
i am just giving over view so i just showing you screenshots of my photoshop..

1-select proper images

use some color effects its all relevant on your thinking and needs i want poster in BLUE and RED color the reason behind crossing those color is connected to THOR blue=thunder, red=thor's dress.

2- add hammer and helmet

find images from inter net

3-use some shadows and add your supporting character to give intense look

4- add relevant background

5-do some finishing

6-add movie name

7-add thunders

8- add some effects

9- give final touch to your main character

so finally here how i created this poster.


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