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Are you interested to learn more about search engine optimization (SEO)?

Lets's learn from the top SEO experts.

Checking & reading the top SEO blogs and publications is a good start.

But don’t stop there.

SEO is such a big and giving community.

We share strategies, tactics, tips, tools, data, and so much more on social media and at conferences – as well as in articles, research, and blog posts.

You will definitely learn something new every day from this list of top 10 SEO experts.

Follow them if you want to learn SEO for free.

Why This top 10 only?

The term “SEO expert” is thrown around a lot these days.
Do a Google search for [seo experts to follow] and you’ll find plenty of lists.
Here’s the thing about most of these lists: they’re usually deeply flawed in one way or another.

Common, top SEO expert lists:
  • Are just a sneaky way for an unknown author to get himself or herself on a list filled with experts and look like a big-time SEO expert.
  • Are published by unknown SEO agencies or companies purely for the purposes of attracting links and shares.
  • Include people who, while brilliant in other areas of marketing (social media, content marketing, etc.), aren’t really SEO experts.
  • Include people who no longer are really involved in SEO (or never really were practitioners). For example, while Matt Cutts, the former distinguished engineer who was head of the webspam team at Google, might be great on a list if it were still 2013 – it’s no longer 2013.
  • Include popular “experts” who share bad information that give the industry a bad name. (We won’t name any names here.)
That’s why we began putting together this list of top authorities and experts you should be following or listening to if you want to learn about SEO today.

This is our first list we will share as many as possible.

How I build this top 10 SEO Expert list?

I am being active in the SEO industry since 2013 so I faced so many problems during my learning.
There are lots of who asking for money or something in return but here all are genuine people who help me and others.
The people on this list are all actively involved with SEO now – or they’re sharing SEO information, knowledge, and insights (either via social media, contributing to publications or blogs, or speaking at conferences).

The main idea of this post is to help you find interesting people who know a lot about SEO and are willing to share what they know.

This is just one way that i can able to direct you to SEO professionals who can help you improve at your job and advance your career.

While I love the idea that there are hundreds of SEO professionals doing great work who go unrecognized – and there truly are! – if they aren’t visible and sharing knowledge, it doesn’t matter in terms of the list you’re about to read.

Our goal with this list is to highlight people who are trying to help move the industry forward by sharing unique insights/knowledge/tips/ideas, etc.

Finally – there is no rankings order here from best to least best. Each person on this list has value in their own way.

Rather than go in alphabetical order by last name, we plugged our list into this list randomizer (though I did make a few minor adjustments) to give everyone a fair shot at where they appear.

Honorable Mentions

If you don't know the below people then I suppose that you are new in SEO. These humble guys nurture this community.

They know so much intel about search engines and the latest updates or issues. These folks regularly spend time to solve anyone's query or help others by tweet, write, or speak (in Hangouts, at conferences, and on webinars):

Gary Illyes, webmaster trends analyst.
Nathan Johns, search quality analyst.
John Mueller, senior webmaster trends analyst.
Martin Splitt, developer advocate.
Danny Sullivan, public liaison of search (@searchliason).

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Microsoft Bing:
Frederic Dubut, senior program manager.

Gabriel Weinberg, CEO and founder.

Top SEO Experts to Follow Right Now

The following people really know their stuff when it comes to SEO.

Follow them if you want to grow your skillset and knowledge.

Areej AbuAli

Founder / Women in Tech SEO

Follow Areej on LinkedIn

Dave Davies

Co-Founder / Beanstalk Internet Marketing

Follow @beanstalkim on Twitter

Follow Dave on LinkedIn

Read Dave on Search Engine Journal

Dan Taylor

Head of Research & Development /

Follow @TaylorDanRW on Twitter

Follow Dan on LinkedIn

Read Dan on Search Engine Journal

Jes Scholz

International Digital Director / Ringier AG

Follow @jes_scholz on Twitter

Follow Jes on LinkedIn

Read Jes on Search Engine Journal

Fili Wiese

SEO Expert /

Follow @filiwiese on Twitter

Follow Fili on LinkedIn

Ruth Everett

Technical SEO Analyst / DeepCrawl

Follow @rvtheverett on Twitter

Follow Ruth on LinkedIn

Read Ruth on Search Engine Journal

Tyler Reardon

SEO Manager / Chewy

Follow @TylerReardon on Twitter

Follow Tyler on LinkedIn

Carolyn Shelby

Technical SEO & News SEO / ESPN

Follow @cshel on Twitter

Follow Carolyn on LinkedIn

Christoph C. Cemper

Founder and CEO / LinkResearchTools

Follow @cemper on Twitter

Follow Christoph on LinkedIn

Jackie Chu

Global SEO Lead / Uber

Jeff Ferguson

Partner / Amplitude Digital

Follow @countxero on Twitter

Follow Jeff on LinkedIn

Read Jeff on Search Engine Journal

Super thanks to Search Engine Journal(SEJ) for always helping me with new ideas of my blogs.

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