YouTube,Netflix and Amazon Prime Restricting video quality to standard definition till next couple month


YouTube has announced that it'll reduce streaming quality for users round the world, consistent with Bloomberg. the choice comes only one week after YouTube announced it had been reducing streaming quality for users in Europe to assist lessen broadband strain as more people stay home to assist curb the spread of the novel coronavirus(covid-19).

By default, videos will start playing in standard definition (480p) quality, consistent with other country in USA and Europe. people that want to observe videos in high definition can still do so, but they need to manually select that option. still this option is not so available in India and South East due to high population demand.

“We still work closely with governments and network operators round the globe to try to to our part to attenuate stress on the system during this unprecedented situation,” Google said during my research.

YouTube is way from the sole company reducing streaming quality to undertake to reduce broadband strain. Netflix has reduced its bitrates in Europe to ease up its streaming platform’s burden on broadband by 25 percent. Apple has taken similar steps, and Amazon is additionally dropping its average bitrates in Europe but is constant to watch things within the US and other countries round the world. the corporate is prepared to require action elsewhere if broadband problems involve it. Netflix’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, hinted that Netflix could do an equivalent thing round the world counting on agency requests.

As more people work and learn from home, concerns about stress being placed on broadband networks still grow. And it’s not only impacting video streaming platforms: today, Sony announced that it'll hamper PlayStation downloads in Europe in an attempt to “preserve internet access for the whole community.” More companies are likely to require similar actions round the world the longer people remain self-quarantined reception.

This is what COAI’s letter reads – “This sudden surge in digital use is already putting pressure on the network infrastructure of the telecom service providers (TSPs). The TSPs are taking requisite steps to manage this load and facilitate the smooth functioning of the networks during this critical time.”

It also added that it’s “absolutely essential for the streaming platforms to cooperate with TSPs so as to manage the traffic distribution patterns. It is pertinent to note that the need of the hour is that companies offering streaming platform service and TSPs take joint responsibility to take steps to ensure smooth functioning of the data communication networks to align with other measures being taken in this battle to curb the propagation of the virus”.

List of video-streaming services asked to Drop Video-Streaming Quality due to Covid-19
Amazon Prime Video
Alt Balaji
Sony Liv

This is a noble cause and we believe countrymen and companies shouldn’t have any problem with it. Well, those of us who don’t mind streaming at 480P, should manually reduce the bitrate. Incidentally, similar steps have been implemented in Europe as well.

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